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Consult for America  
Case Competition  

Designed by College Students About Small Business.
Held on August 15th. 2020.

Help your community rebuild after the devastating impact of COVID-19. Drive social impact through innovation and ideation. Register for our small business case competition, where teams across the world compete to solve problems unique to small business. Top teams will receive prizes and the opportunity to speak with representatives from top consulting firms including McKinsey!

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Registration Details 

Steps to Registration   


1. Be a College Student 

This Case Competition is for students in any type of undergraduate program, including the classes of 2021 - 2024.


2. Find a Team    

You can register with up to 4 people total, and they can be from across schools  


3. Pick a Team Captain

Pick a single member of your team to be the main point of contact.  


4. Fill in the Form Below 

Carefully fill out all the details in the form below so we can contact you.


Register by July 22, 2020, 11:59pm ET

Get your team ready and keep an eye out for the case materials. 


Receive your case materials on July 24, 2020!  

You'll receive your case materials a day later.        

Sign Up Deadline

What's Next?

The Two Phases of the CFA Case Competition


Phase One: Initial Screening

1. You'll receive the case on July 24th, 2020 9am ET.

2. Submit a deck and any appendix items to by August 1st, 2020 11:59pm ET

3. Wait for the judges feedback and get ready for Phase Two!


Phase Two: The Judges Panel

1. Our team will read through your proposals and pick the top 15 submissions by August 8th to present to a panel of judges. The top 15 submissions will be chosen through a blind rating system.

2. If selected, you'll be invited to select a time slot to present to the panel of judges on August 15th, 2020.

3. We'll announce the winners that same night!


Registration has closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult for America is a pro-bono small business consulting non-profit run by students focused on delivering world class advice to local community business. We help communities grow by providing hands on professional learning for college students and empowering small businesses.

This case is about helping a small business in Philadelphia, although it can be applied to any city across the United States. You’ll get more details on July 24th, 2020!

Absolutely! We welcome applicants from any undergraduate program in the world.